Lorena Gallardo and ReciVeci's Participation in the One Young World Summit 2023 in Belfast, Ireland

Ecuadorian Delegation at the Summit. Belfast, Ireland.

Lorena Gallardo, co-founder and CTO at ReciVeci, was present from October 2 to 5 at the One Young World (OYW) Summit 2023 in Belfast, Ireland. This summit is held annually, bringing together young leaders from around the world to create connections and positive impact solutions in four key areas: Climate Change, Women's Empowerment, Mental Health, and Migration.

In this edition of the Summit, nearly 2,000 young people from around the world attended. They all share a common goal of proposing positive changes in their environments, enterprises, companies, and territories. Ecuador was represented by 24 delegates, forming one of the most prominent delegations at the event. Each delegate represented a province in the country, and Lorena Gallardo represented Pichincha. It's worth noting that over 700 people applied for this call, with Pichincha being the most competitive province, receiving over 130 applications.

The participation of young Ecuadorians was made possible through the National Young United in Action Award 2023, a collaborative effort from the Office of the First Lady and the Resurgere Foundation, in partnership with the One Young World Summit, which enabled young people to participate in the event. After the participation, each of these young individuals becomes a One Young World Ambassador, representing the summit.


From ReciVeci, we are grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in the Climate Change track and to have met other inspiring young people and projects here in our country. Among them, we can mention Doménica Cobo, who represented the province of Azuay with her project "JuntasXEllas," a platform that seeks to connect volunteers who provide free mental health support to women in vulnerable situations. She participated in the Mental Health track of the Summit. Jenko del Rosario, representing the province of El Oro with his project "Fotosentidos Ecuador," which promotes social inclusion through multisensory photography for visually impaired individuals, also participated in the Mental Health track. Vinicio Narankas, representing the province of Orellana, led the Indigenous School "Achakaspi," aiming to strengthen community organization to address environmental challenges within the Climate Change track. Another notable project in the same track is Juan Fernando Pesántez, representing the province of Manabí, with his project "“Academia del Océano”," dedicated to promoting ocean conservation and education. You can find all the participants on the Ecuador Un Sólo Corazón social media accounts.

Ecuadorian Delegation at the Summit. Belfast, Ireland.


A very special invitation was extended through the 100+ Accelerator for Lorena Gallardo to conduct a workshop on ReciVeci and how we promote inclusive recycling and the circular economy in Ecuador, as part of the "Scaling Sustainability: Collaborative Solutions for a Regenerative Future" Workshop.

The 100+ Accelerator is an international innovation and acceleration program aimed at driving progress and innovation by supporting ventures that address value chain-related challenges. Sponsored by AB InBev, Coca-Cola, Colgate-Palmolive, and Unilever, ReciVeci was part of the program's 3rd cohort in 2022. The workshop included companies and entrepreneurs from around the world motivated to learn about our achievements with ReciVeci and ReciApp in Ecuador.


We also celebrated our attendance at various workshops, including the one on Artificial Intelligence, an area that is part of ReciVeci's long-term projections. In the workshop, Lorena had the opportunity to showcase the ReciApp as an example and received feedback on the paths we could take through artificial intelligence to enhance the available technological tools for promoting inclusive recycling.

At ReciVeci, we celebrate these meetings that translate into growth not only for the attendees but also for the territories and spaces we inhabit. Congratulations to the Ecuadorian delegation and Lorena Gallardo from ReciVeci for their presence at the One Young World 2023.

If you want to see more images from the summit, we recommend checking out this Reel that we posted from ReciVeci.


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